5 Tips To Maintain Your New Kia Vehicle

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How To Maintain Your New Car

Cars have played an important role in our everyday lives since they were first invented, and it’s important we take care of them. When you buy a new Kia vehicle, you might be wondering how to maintain your new car and how you can make it last as long as possible.

So, where should you start? Keep reading to learn more about maintaining your new Kia vehicle.

1. Get Regular Oil Changes

Many people wait too long to change their oil — and it’s much more important than you think!

Motor oil is designed to keep your motor running smoothly, however, if it’s not regularly changed, it will congeal into a thick black sludge. The sludge will start to build up in the engine and moving parts will begin to stick together, making your engine work much harder than it needs to. With an exhausted engine, you’ll likely have to replace it if the damage is extensive — which will end up costing far more than an oil change.

We recommend changing the oil in your Kia vehicle every six months, even more so if you drive often. Thankfully, our team of expert technicians here at Burlington Kia will be happy to change your car’s oil quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to schedule your service appointment!

2. Check the Air Pressure in Your Tires

Not having your tires properly inflated is a recipe for disaster. Without a sufficient amount of air, your tires will begin to drag along the road — damaging the rubber and compromising the integrity of your tire.

Low tire pressure is not only uncomfortable when you’re driving because the tires won’t absorb the bumps and holes in the road, but damaged tires require more rotations and replacements which can become very expensive.

Having low tire air pressure also makes the tires more likely to go flat, and you can’t drive on low-pressure or flat tires without ruining them. This is why it’s important to check the air pressure levels in each tire. Your vehicle should alert you if your tires require more air, but you should go to an auto shop every few months to make sure that your tires are in good condition.

3. Keep the Car Clean

If you never wash your car, it isn’t going to stay looking new for very long. Cleaning your car is part of basic vehicle maintenance, and is recommended every two weeks. It may sound like a lot, however, cleaning your car so often ensures that nothing gets stuck to or damages your car’s exterior. For example, bug splatters, bird droppings, and mud turn into very hard substances once they harden to your car. And having to scrape them away can damage your car’s clear coat and paint.

Cleaning your car once every two weeks keeps this from happening and also makes sure your car stays fresh and shiny. In addition to the exterior, you also want to clean the interior. Doing so keeps bad odors out and ensures that your car looks just as good as the day you bought it.

4. Check the Brakes

A car that doesn’t have working brakes is a huge safety hazard. Although your new Kia vehicle has brakes that function perfectly, brakes inevitably will start to wear down over the years.

If you never check your brakes, you may experience sudden brake problems which could lead to a car accident if you’re not careful. Checking your brakes every few months should keep this problem at bay. It’s important to know that your brakes rely on brake fluid — and if there is not enough fluid available, it won’t be possible to stop your car.

If there is a physical problem with the brakes, you might need to replace the whole part. Bringing your car to an auto shop and having professionals check them out for you will not only ensure that they’re in good working order but also help keep your peace of mind.

5. Get Regular Check-Ups

Your car will naturally wear down over the years so it’s essential you take it to an auto shop for regular checkups. The professionals will look over your entire car and check for anything that’s worn down or damaged.

If they find anything wrong, they can repair or replace it for you. Bring your car in for a check-up every few months to keep your vehicle in pristine condition.

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Maintain Your New Car with Burlington Kia

Learning how to maintain your new car is crucial to making it last as long as possible! Stay proactive by having a qualified technician perform regular maintenance checks, and always be on the lookout for signs of wear and tear.

If you’re in the market for a new Kia vehicle, look no further than our selection. Burlington Kia is the premier Kia dealership in the Burlington area with a large selection of new and certified pre-owned Kia vehicles that are sure to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment with one of our team members.

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