6 Spring Activities to Enjoy in Burlington, NC

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Discover What to Do During Spring in Burlington, NC

Springtime brings a colorful scene for anyone planning a trip to Burlington, NC. If you are looking for a small town that offers a memorable trip filled with fresh air and fun opportunities, look no further. Burlington, NC, is the destination for your next road trip or weekend getaway.

Spanning over at least 31 miles, Burlington is the 18th largest city in North Carolina and home to approximately 60,000 friendly locals who have preserved its natural resources and history. Previously known as the “Company shops,” a site for railway repair facilities, Burlington later became a city with manufacturing heritage and history. Don’t forget your outdoor gear, either — you will find adventure hiking, kayaking, paddling and horse riding in Burlington, NC.

No matter the trip you are planning this spring, the fun activities in Burlington, NC, will make your visit or stay memorable. Continue reading for more information on six fun activities you must add to your Burlington, NC, bucket list this spring.

1. Spend Your Weekend Visiting the Conservators Center

Start your weekends with a visit to the Conservators Center. You will meet the experienced and well-trained staff who will guide you to over 70 large and small wild cat facilities. If you have never seen lions and tigers, you should plan a visit to Burlington, NC. The animal park within the 45-acre forested land is open for public and private tours on Saturday and Sunday. Visiting this tourist destination is one of the spring activities in Burlington if you cherish wild animals or want your children to learn more about wild cats. The conservative is among the few places where you will find friendly experts who will tell you everything about wild cats.

2. Go Hiking Along the Haw River Trail or Kayaking Along the Haw River Paddle Trail

The Haw River Trail is among one of the many outdoor activities to enjoy in Burlington. Here, visitors enjoy the fresh breeze while hiking along the twenty-mile Haw River trail. In addition to the lush plant life, you and fellow tourists can picnic or fish along Haw River Trail — just ask your tour guide to show you the way!

The Haw River paddle trail is also a perfect place for novice and expert kayakers alike to experience the Haw as it was meant to be seen. If you love admiring the beautiful woodland plants and creatures, be sure to spend some extra time on the trails to witness the native wildlife. Additionally, stop by the visitor’s center to learn more about the community’s initiative to preserve this natural resource while promoting wildlife and human coexistence.

3. Spend Time at the City Park

City Park is a great place to visit if you want a destination packed with family-friendly activities. Kids and adults alike may enjoy boat rides, rail car rides and miniature train rides at the amusement park. Your family can spend an afternoon enjoying slides, climbing adventures and swinging in the park’s playground and courtyard.

Your adventure to this park is incomplete until you visit the picturesque fountain or spend some time in the recently opened historical Carousel. The fully restored Dentzel Carousel attracts thousands of visitors to Burlington, NC, and is the highlight of the park’s amusement center. At $1.50 per ticket, the historic Dentzel Carousel is a must-visit destination.

4. Learn About NC’s History at Alamance Battleground State Historic Site

Visit the Alamance Battleground State Historic Site to learn more about North Carolina’s battle for independence. This site is the location for the two battles led by General Cornwallis and Royal Governor William Tyron. You can also watch films showcasing the North Carolina settlers’ life and battle at the visitors’ center.

5. Play Tennis at the Burlington Tennis Center

You can’t leave Burlington before visiting the Burlington Tennis Center (BTC), built to honor the city’s rich local tennis history. This state-of-the-art facility has 12 tennis playgrounds for open play and training. Enjoy the courts during the day, or enjoy a night of playing on the illuminated courts.

6. Visit the Burlington Athletic Stadium

Cheer on the hometown team by watching the Burlington Sock Puppets play at their home field. Burlington Athletic Stadium’s dugouts and clubhouse are strategically positioned to give fans a rare chance to get autographs from their favorite players during the big-money baseball season. In addition to the minor league baseball experience, the stadium has an abundant history you can learn about when you visit. For example, the stadium was featured in the movie, Bull Durham, in 1988!

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